You can find information about the projects completed successfully by our company below.

+Enerji Villa Langenthal

The villa, designed by Swiss Efficiency, is projected with the +Energy philosophy; that is the idea that it should produce more than it consumes. The villa is planned to produce 25 KWP per hour in the most favourable weather conditions, and it is calculated that the highest consumption will be 20 KWP consumption per hour. The remaining 5 KWP energy per hour is planned to be stored and sold to gain revenue.

Glasscube 276

Glasscube 276, a thermal health center project, is projected by Swiss Efficiency with the +Energy philosophy; that is generating more energy than it consumes. The four sides of the building are covered with photovoltaic glass, which is not only energy-producing but also colourful and decorative. Photovoltaic glasses are used in conjunction with Crystallized Energy technology to create synergies and to produce up to 4 times more energy than conventionally produced energy. Furthermore, it is intended that energy will be derived from the hot wastewater flowing from the thermal holiday village with the technology used in the wastewater pipes. Thus, the entire building meets the energy needs with green energy in the most efficient and effective way, and it is guaranteed to obtain revenue with the excess energy produced.

Passion in a Box

It is set up within 20 minutes and can change the location quickly and without great effort. Any number of boxes can be placed modularly next to each other. Equipped with photovoltaic glazing and printed membranes, it can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With a so-called dye solar cell, which was developed by Michael Grätzel in Switzerland in the early 1990s, artificial photosynthesis is possible. The elegant, minimized design makes you curious and attracts attention. Passion in a Box can be used as a mobile café, snack bar or boutique. Thanks to the solid construction with precious materials, a PASSION IN A BOX has an expected service life of 25 years. Maintenance is only the cleaning of the photovoltaic glass panels in roofs and sides recommended 2 to 3 times a year. As a garage with integrated electrical charging station, it is particularly suitable for electric vehicles and thanks to the batteries located in the bottom, the vehicle can be easily charged by induction. Even the design is unique in this form.