You can find information about the projects currently carried out by our company below.

Bleienbachstrasse, Bern

In the Langenthal region of Switzerland, local authority experts are working together on a green energy conversion project while preserving the historical integrity of the buildings located in an area of 38,000 square meters. In this project, energy is obtained from the water source under the buildings, and green energy resources will supply all of the energy needs of these historical buildings. The project, which will be the largest green energy transformation in the Langenthal region, will also significantly increase the prestige of the region. This project is also very important in terms of providing a blueprint of a green energy transformation project that can be adopted elsewhere in the future.

3 Apartments, Bern

Swiss Efficiency will carry out a green energy transformation project of 3 Apartments that are in Bern, Switzerland. Following the necessary investigation, the most suitable green energy sources that should be used for the buildings will be identified and implemented. With the insulation to be utilised in accordance with the Swiss Energy Standards, it is intended to provide energy savings and to benefit from the energy saving incentive policy.

Kerala Houses – Wintergardens

Kerala houses, which produce their own energy at the same time thanks to the panels used in the roof and photovoltaic vertical glasses, are also designed to allow the growing of fruits and vegetables during the year regardless of the season and the weather conditions.